ORIGINS is among the best Parkour facilities in the world, and keeps the philosophy of always staying at the top.  Additions and changes are always being made to both the facility and the program.  You can be sure that each time you walk in to the gym you will experience something new.


facility features

10,000 sq. feet of total space

Walls for climbing, Bars for swinging, Rails for jumping and vaulting.

An assortment of moveable, low to the ground structures.

Mats, Foam Boxes, and Spring Boards

FOAM PIT 16′ x 16′ and 8′ x 8′

42’x30′ gymnastics spring floor

Big central speakers blasting tunes to keep you moving!

Weight Room with Squat racks, GHR, & Free Weights

Bands & Foam rollers to improve your mobility


2003 – By the power of the world wide web, Parkour launched itself from a small suburb in France to the entire planet.  In 2005, after a couple years of disorganized fun, Rene Scavington took it upon himself to create a website for Parkour enthusiasts in Vancouver and develop formalized classes.

With an equal passion for physical preparation, Rene opened up a small training studio in 2009 with the ultimate goal of one day being able to sustain a large facility dedicated to Parkour.  In October 2011 he finally found an old war memorial building with a 3rd floor boasting 10,000 sq. feet and 25 foot ceilings! The Mount Pleasant Coop was happy to lease to the young business owner who intended to bring the space back to its roots as a community centre promoting physical activity.  The opening of the Parkour facility had many setbacks that challenged Rene and his team which included co-owner Ma Yuet, athletes & coaches Jared Davis and Tom Coppola.  Many personal sacrifices were made to finish the gym and get the city to approve it.  Finally in September 2012, nearly a year after the lease was signed, Origins officially opened its doors to the public.

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